PACE Market Data

2017 C-PACE Economic, Energy, and Environmental Impact Report

Download our year-end C-PACE report for insights on annual trends, regional C-PACE activity, and estimates of impact on local municipalities.

Commercial Residential

Commercial PACE

C-PACE Overview




Commercial projects


Jobs created

(Source: 15 jobs per million, EcoNorthwest)

Cumulative C-PACE Financing


C-PACE improvement type breakdown

(By $ funded)

Energy Efficiency (49%)

Renewable energy (27%)

Mixed (17%)

Resiliency (7%)

C-PACE projects by amount financed

(By  $ funded)


C-PACE dollars funded in each state (states > $10MM)

(By  $ funded)

C-PACE dollars funded by building type

(By  $ funded)


2009-2016 C-PACE Market Overview

From 2009-2016, commercial PACE programs provided $340M in financing for energy improvements to commercial buildings. Download the 2016 C-PACE Market Overview to learn more.  (View past quarterly C-PACE market updates.)

Residential PACE

R-PACE Overview




Home upgrades


Jobs created

As of May 2018

Cumulative R-PACE Financing


R-PACE improvement type breakdown

(By $ funded)

Energy Efficiency (58%)

Renewable energy (37%)

Water (4%)

R-PACE Securitization

($ Millions, Annual)

R-PACE Securitizations: to June 2018. Ygrene’s securitizations include approx. $37.5M in commercial assessments.

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