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Milwaukee passed PACE-enabling legislation in 2010. There is one active program that allows any municipality in the state to join (PACE Wisconsin), and one active program in the city of Milwaukee (ME2 Milwaukee).

Active PACE programs

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It offers financing for homeowners and commercial building owners to make energy efficiency projects affordable and economically compelling. PACE financing is available through the program, with funding provided by private lenders.  The University Club was the first PACE project in the State of Wisconsin; as a result of improvements financed with PACE, the property reduced energy use by 30%.

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 Residential           1466123363_tick_16 Commercial

PACE wisconsin

PACE Wisconsin provides a uniform, statewide approach to offering PACE financing to commercial property owners located in member Wisconsin communities.  Administered by WECC EFS, a Wisconsin-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, PACE Wisconsin enables commercial property owners to finance the installation of energy and water improvements in their buildings.  To take advantage of PACE Wisconsin, property owners develop qualifying projects with contractors of their choice. PACE financing is sourced from an open lending market and secured through a voluntary PACE Special Charge, repaid directly to the lender. With the support of the Wisconsin Counties Association and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin local governments utilized their joint exercise of powers authority to form PACE Wisconsin.  PACE Wisconsin invites local governments, businesses, and property owners to participate in this opportunity to make Wisconsin’s communities more economically and environmentally sustainable.

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Phone:  800.522.3014.


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PACE Enabling Legislation in Wisconsin 

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