PACE for Homeowners

 Reduce your energy bills with 100% financing for solar and efficiency

PACE is proving to be the most effective way to pay for energy improvements for homes. Available now throughout much of California, Florida, and Missouri, PACE is saving money for homeowners, creating jobs, and helping local governments achieve important environmental goals.

PACE has helped homeowners across the U.S. finance solar and energy efficiency improvements that have eliminated billions of dollars of wasteful utility bill spending. PACE provides 100% of the funds you need to purchase efficient equipment such as water heaters, insulated windows and doors, efficient roofing, solar panels, and more. Find a local PACE program for details on eligible improvements for your home.


To learn more about how PACE works, see “What is PACE?”

Benefits of PACE for homeowners

  • PACE covers 100% of the costs of installing new solar panels or efficiency upgrades on your home.
  • The PACE assessment covers all fees and labor costs associated with the project and bundles the cost into one line on our property tax bill.
  • PACE typically allows finance terms up to 20 years, longer than many other sources of funding.
  • This long-term financing enables projects with long paybacks, not just low-hanging fruit.
  • Long terms mean the annual PACE repayment can be less than the amount being saved on annual utilities on the project, so you may see an immediate increase in cash-in-pocket from day one.
  • The financing you qualify for is based on your home’s equity. If you qualify for PACE financing, a PACE lien will be attached to your home which you’ll repay annually on your property tax bill.
  • Eligibility requirements vary between PACE programs. Commonly, you’ll need to be current on your property tax payments and all mortgage-related debt on your property cannot exceed 90% of your home’s value, among other requirements. For more information, check your local pace program.
  • PACE is attached to the building, not an individual or business.
  • If the building is sold, PACE repayment may seamlessly transfer to the new owner as part of the taxes, as well as the savings from the energy project.
  • Transferability benefits you because it reduces the risk associated with making a large investment in permanent home improvements, such as major efficiency upgrades to your HVAC and water systems.

Success stories

HVAC upgrade saves family almost $700/month

Duane and Mary Baker took advantage of PACE financing through the HERO Program to upgrade their home in Temecula, CA.

The Bakers decided to use HERO to upgrade to a more modern and efficient HVAC system, complete with the ability to control the temperature in individual zones of the house using their smartphones.

Sonoma County homeowner saves money with PACE

The Energy Independence Program of Sonoma County connected homeowners with contractors who evaluated the breakdowns in insulation, possible air and exterior leaks.

The program helped navigate various incentive, rebate, and financing programs and get over $4,000 in savings and valuable financing.

  • The HERO Program is a great way to finance energy efficient improvements without any upfront money,” explains Duane, “and then write off the interest for the payment that’s on our property tax bill. So if we were to sell the house, it’s good to know that we wouldn’t have to continue the payments or to pay it off – it would continue with the house with the new owners.

  • We’ve done a wonderful energy upgrade of our house and the granny unit and everyone is so much more comfortable. The temperate doesn’t vary more than thee or four degrees. We are saving lots of money. The Energy Upgrade program provided us with the money to do this.

Resources and downloads for homeowners

PACENation’s Consumer Protection Policies Version 2 (CPP V2)

PACENation developed these policies to provide stronger protections for homeowners than any other type of clean energy financing. They address a homeowner’s eligibility for financing and ability to repay, comprehensive financial disclosures, appropriate contractor conduct, acceptable products and projects (with pricing guidelines), post-funding support, treatment of protected classes, grievance procedures, data security and privacy matters. (Published Feb 2017)

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