PACENation’s Leadership Council

The leadership council is a coalition of industry stakeholders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors that help shape PACENation’s goals and advise our board of directors. Leadership Council representation is a benefit of PACENation membership.

Organizations on the Leadership Council

Best Best & Krieger
Clean Energy Solutions
CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital
CO Energy Office
CT Green Bank
David Taussig & Associates
Dividend Solar
Edgewise Energy
Energize NY
Energy Efficient Equity
Erin Deady, PA
Gallagher Evelius & Jones
Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance
Greenworks Lending
Hannon Armstrong
Keyes & Fox
Lever Energy Capital
Levin Energy Partners
Mass Development
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Missouri Energy Initiative
Morgan Lewis
PACE Equity
PACE Funding
PACE Loan Group
Petros PACE Finance
Public Financial Management
Renew Financial
Renovate America
Rockwood Group
Rocky Mountain Institute
Spruce Finance
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions
Texas PACE Authority
Urban Ingenuity
Vote Solar

(These organizations are Leader-level members or above for 2017.)

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PACENation’s Lender Consent Committee

Matt Mustaro (Committee Chair)
Matt Mustaro (Committee Chair)
Vice President, Debt Capital Markets, CleanFund
Tommy Deavenport
Tommy Deavenport
Chief Operating Officer, PETROS PACE Finance

Mackey Dykes
Mackey Dykes
Vice President, Comm., Ind. and Institutional Programs, CT Green Bank
Peter Grabell
Peter Grabell
Senior Vice President, Commercial PACE, Dividend Finance
Brian McCarter
Brian McCarter
Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS)
Sal Tarsia
Sal Tarsia
Managing Director, Principal Transactions, Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Real Estate, CounterpointeSRE
Andrew Zech
Andrew Zech
Chief Business Development Officer, Greenworks Lending

The Lender Consent Committee works together to identify the most pressing challenges and barriers to obtaining lender consent for PACE projects, and implementing strategies to overcome them. This dedicated group of committed thought leaders has the vision, talent and experience to execute on initiatives that bolster the industry and encourage market growth.

The Lender Consent Committee is currently working on a standardized Lender Consent Package for mortgage holders. Stay tuned for the release of this resource in 2018!

Why Join PACENation at the Leader Level?

All Leader-level members of PACENation will receive representation on the Leadership Council, and:

Share insights

The Leadership Council is a means for members to share insights on our market, ideas, opinions, and advice with PACENation and our Board of Directors.

Make recommendations

Leadership Council members appoint a representative to committees that meet on regular calls and recommend actions to PACENation and our board on items such as PACENation’s Consumer Protection Policies.

Gain recognition

Organizations and individuals in our Leadership Council will be recognized as industry thought leaders and featured on our website and other materials.

All Leader-level membership benefits:


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