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Who we are

PACENation is the national non-profit advocate for PACE, working to make PACE financing available to all property owners. Our members have the most detailed market data, insights, networking opportunities, and legislative support. We want to help you build your business, realize your policy goals, and create a new clean energy economy.

Our members, in their own words:

Membership levels

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This membership for your company includes up to 3 to 5 employees to sign into the member directory, depending on your membership level.  To add additional employee accounts, contact us.

* As part of a 501(c)(3) charity, PACENation can only allow nonprofit and government organizations to post RFPs. However, all PACENation members are able to apply.

* PACENation encourage state and local government and mission minded nonprofits to become members. Those that cannot support PACENation may apply for a one-year renewable discounted Platinum Level membership. We encourage these organizations to complete the online application process to apply for a lower cost.

“Integral to our success has been our membership in PACENation. We wouldn’t be the company we are today and have the business prospects we have today without the support of PACENation, its staff, and all the resources the organization makes available to us and every member.”

Peter Grabell, Senior VP of Financial Services at Figtree Financing

“PACE Equity is very proud to be part of PACENation. We’ve been involved with this organization for many years and it’s actually helped us with municipal adoption in many states across the country. PACE is active in 32 states, and PACENation has had a great role in that. I would say it’s the best resource there is to get information about starting and learning the good, bad, and ugly about PACE if you’re starting a new program, and take years off your development cycle.”

Beau Engman, Founder of PACE Equity

“I am a member of PACENation, and a very proud member since the early days of PACE at the CT Green Bank in 2012. I encourage you to become a member of PACENation and learn from all of my fabulous colleagues across the country.”

Genevieve Sherman, Managing Director at PACE Financial Servicing


What is the PACENation Leadership Council?

Member organizations at the “Platinum” level can elect a representative to the Leadership Council, which meets to vote and decide on key PACENation activities, including standards development.

Click here for more information about the Leadership Council.

What is the PACENation Member Directory?

The PACENation Member Directory is the online yellowpages of PACE, as well as the center for PACENation membership activity — there, you can post jobs ads and RFPs, and access members-only content by logging in. After clicking “join now” above, you will be directed to the Member Network to make your payment and submit your organization’s profile.

When does my membership start and how long does it last?

Your membership lasts for one year from the time of your first payment. If paying by credit card, your membership will begin immediately and automatically renew after 12-months. If paying by check, your membership will begin after we receive and confirm your check.

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