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A growing number of companies are providing a range of administrative, financing, project development services to PACE programs nationwide. Links to a number of PACE service providers, ranked alphabetically, are posted below.

Clean Energy Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting clean energy technologies as a way to create healthier, energy-independent communities. Clean Energy Coalition designs and implements commercial/industrial PACE programs and offers complete program administration beginning with policy development and continuing through marketing, application technical support and review, and funds  disbursement. Our niche is helping local governments leverage PACE for economic development, property improvement, and energy efficiency, while maintaining low interest rates and administrative costs.

CleanFund is breaking new ground in structuring commercial PACE projects. Cleanfund strives to bring energy efficiency and renewable energy to the mainstream by offering significant expertise in commercial real estate, structured finance and energy engineering. CleanFund works with top tier energy equipment and service providers to incorporate PACE finance into their project proposals and also works directly with real estate owners to develop PACE financing structures optimized for individual projects. CleanFund’s flexible financing program enables property owners to install modern energy and water technology with no up-front cost, increasing property cash flows and value. CleanFund is uniquely capable of delivering capital efficiently across all jurisdictions in the U.S. with active PACE programs.


Demeter Power offers a suite of innovative financing solutions and tools to solar and renewable energy developers, contractors, building owners and managers. Our project financing is on-demand and predictable – and does not require a corporate or personal guarantee. To date, PACE has only been used to secure loans for property owners. Leases and other “third-party ownership” contract options, like the power purchase agreement (PPA), offer a superior value proposition to most property owners. That’s why Demeter Power pioneered the PACE Lease® and the PACE PPA™. We offer these finance options through our PACE3P® platform, which integrates seamlessly with a local government’s PACE Program.

EcoCity Partners is passionate about promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. ECP works with municipalities to develop sustainability programs that create jobs, benefit the environment and help consumers save money. Municipalities have the option of completely outsourcing the financing and administration of the programs to ECP or utilizing ECP’s expertise to enhance their own internal efforts. Either way, ECP will help communities achieve their goals. Organized as an innovative “L3C” – the first “low profit limited liability company” in Florida – ECP’s primary mission is to benefit the communities we serve. We have offices in St. Petersburg and West Palm Beach.

EnergyAlliance-NA_HorizontalThe Energy Alliance Group of North America is an energy solutions and cost recovery company providing energy-saving products, technologies and services. We guide our clients through the complexity of technology and service choices, utility and tax incentives, and project financing alternatives to achieve the greatest energy savings and maximum return on investments. In many cases, our clients reduce energy costs by 50% or more and for those qualified, no upfront capital is required as project costs are fully paid for through various incentives, rebates and the resultant energy savings. Our hallmark characteristic that sets us apart from the competition is our in-depth and comprehensive analyses. We define the total cost of ownership and financial benefits for a 20 year outlook period. We also provide our clients with an up-to-date library of all energy use incentives and financing programs to insure they achieve the maximum financial benefit. These include electric and gas utility rebates, federal tax incentives, state Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing and local grant programs.

EnergyPACEfinanceEnergy Pace Finance has developed a nationwide finance approach to help property owners lower operating costs and access lower cost of capital with virtually no money down for their energy efficiency upgrades. We work closely with our financial source(s), property owner(s), equipment and software providers, and municipalities to ease the process and create a turn-key solution. We arrange for Pace, Construction, Loans, and Leases as needed.


Eutectics Consulting is the leading clean energy finance and consulting firm in the Upper Midwest. We connect property owners, contractors and investors to move clean energy projects from concept to reality. Eutectics Consulting is built on enduring values of trust, honesty, and the proposition that private profits should also serve the public good.

Figtree Financing Logo_CMYKFigtree Financing provides breakthrough Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing that puts money-saving energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation upgrades within reach of virtually any property owner.  Requiring no money down, the Figtree PACE solution takes a unique full service, free market and flexible approach to connecting property owners to low-cost project capital, conveniently repaid through property tax bills for terms up to 20 years.  Figtree Energy Financing also provides no-cost program design, administration and marketing services to municipal agencies to make Figtree PACE financing available to local property owners using no public funds.

InlandGreenCapital_Logo_4ColorInland Green Capital is an environmental finance and investment company and a member of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies (Inland). Inland began over 40 years ago in Chicago and is one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate firms. Inland is comprised of separate real estate investment and financial companies with managed assets in excess of $20.8 billion, doing business nationwide with a presence in 48 states and cumulatively employ over 1,400 people. Inland is headquartered in Oak Brook, IL and has the distinction of being the 2009 and 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winner for Ethics in the Marketplace. To date, Inland Green Capital has purchased commercial and residential PACE bonds and is actively looking to grow its investment in various PACE products nationwide.


Lean & Green Michigan is a leading creator and administrator of innovative PACE programs.  Its statewide effort in Michigan is based on a public-private partnership available free of charge to all Michigan counties and cities.  The PACE program emphasizes owner-arranged private financing and creates one big, efficient market where property owners, energy contractors, and lenders can work together to drive down water and energy consumption and waste and add renewable energy generating capacity.

k2 clean energy capitalK2 Clean Energy Capital, based in California, provides a turn-key solution to commercial building owners to develop, finance, and execute solar energy and energy efficiency projects. By utilizing the PACE financing program, we enable building owners to realize an immediate positive cash flow with a reduction in utility bills. We employ a three step process. Analysis: We conduct a detailed site evaluation and an energy rate analysis of the utility bills. Proposal: We provide value-based recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy systems based upon the owner’s interests and financial needs. We identify all available rebates, incentives, and tax credits, and provide the building owner with financing options including PACE. Implementation: We project manage the implementation step and measure the operating cost savings.

PACEEquity_V_woSloganPACE Equity enables buildings owners and contractors to implement commercial PACE projects.  We provide project governance, energy engineering support, and financial resources that allow  building owners to repurpose energy dollars into building equity investments.  The company works in both local markets and with national energy service companies.  Contact [email protected] or 855-378-0858 for additional information. Download PACE Equity Brochure.


Renewable Funding provides turnkey administration, financing and technology services for clean energy programs to hundreds of cities and counties across the country. We specialize in innovative financing models, like Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), that help local governments create green jobs, dramatically reduce carbon emissions and save property owners money on their utility bills.

Renovate America partners with local governments to offer property owners low-cost HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) financing for energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems. We provide a no-cost turnkey solution for local governments who wish to implement a PACE Program quickly and easily, including program design, administration and marketing services, innovative HERO financing, and a secure, sophisticated online application and Program website.

Samas Capital is a program administrator and capital provider for energy improvement projects via the PACE platform. We partner with local governments to establish a streamlined and inexpensive PACE structure, which allows us to offer financing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation improvements. Samas Capital uses the capital markets for funding, which provides the most competitive pricing mechanism for financial products.

Structured Finance Associates is focused on originating, underwriting and closing assessments on commercial and industrial properties utilizing PACE financing. Our geographic reach is from California through the Midwest and on to the Eastern United States. The firm’s real estate expertise allows it to create and implement unique financing products that facilitate owners’ abilities to acquire energy efficiency and renewable energy generation solutions for their properties.

Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS) provides PACE program stakeholders with the industry’s leading data management software platform.  The SRS platform facilitates a technically sound, fully-transparent underwriting process consistent with industry best practice enabling PACE program administrators to review and approve PACE projects, as well as manage the post project implementation energy savings measurement and verification process.

Ygrene Energy Fund provides efficient, no-cost implementation of PACE programs for cities and counties. Ygrene tailors program implementation to fulfill local political, financial, job creation and environmental priorities. Our innovative financing provides the capital necessary to fund all assessments and to administer the program into the future without exposure to City or County general funds or other assets.

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