PACE Market Data

2009-2016 C-PACE Market Overview

From 2009-2016, commercial PACE programs provided $340M in financing for energy improvements to commercial buildings. Download the 2016 C-PACE Market Overview to learn more.  (View past quarterly C-PACE market updates.)

Commercial PACE

C-PACE Overview




Commercial projects


Jobs created

Cumulative C-PACE Financing


C-PACE improvement type breakdown

(By $ funded)

Energy Efficiency (51%)

Renewable energy (36%)

Mixed (14%)

C-PACE projects by amount financed

(By  # projects)


C-PACE dollars funded in each state (states > $10MM)

(By  $ funded)

wdt_IDState$ funded (millions)
1 California 132
2 Connecticut 86
3 Ohio 24
4 Florida 20
5 Minnesota 21
7 Wisconsin 15

C-PACE dollars funded by building type

(By  $ funded)


Residential PACE

R-PACE Overview




Home upgrades


Jobs created

Cumulative R-PACE Financing


R-PACE improvement type breakdown

(By $ funded)

Energy Efficiency (58%)

Renewable energy (37%)

Water (4%)

CAEATFA $ Enrolled by R-PACE Program (CA-only)

(Showing current outstanding portfolio enrolled in CAEATFA’s Loan Loss Reserve. Source.)


Cumulative R-PACE dollars securitized*

(By  $ funded)

*Ygrene’s securitization included a portion of commercial projects as well as residential projects.

PACE Legislative Progress

See the PACE Programs map for more information on PACE’s availability.

Commercial PACE is available in major population centers including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and Cincinnati. States with PACE-enabling legislation now encompass over 80% of the U.S. population.

  • States with PACE-enabling legislation: 32 plus D.C.*
  • States with active PACE programs: 19
  • Municipalities with PACE programs: 2,500+

*Including subordinate-lien states.

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