PACE legislation

StateLegislationYearPACE status
wdt_IDStateLegislationYearPACE status
1 Rhode Island** H5900 CHAPTER 39-26.5 2015 Commercial and Residential
2 Vermont* 24 V.S.A. § 3251 et seq. 2009 Residential
3 District of Columbia DC Law 19-262 2012 N/A
4 District of Columbia DC Law 18-183 2010 Commercial and Residential
5 Wyoming H 0179 2011 Commercial
6 Wisconsin Act 272 / SB 642 2010 Commercial
7 Wisconsin Act 138 / SB 425 2011 Commercial
8 Virginia Ch. 773 2009 Commercial
9 Virginia Ch 9, sec 15.2-958.3 2010 Commercial
10 Virginia Ch. 389 2015 Commercial

**Senior lien commercial and subordinate lien residential PACE.

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Resources and downloads

PACENation’s Legislative Protocol

View our legislation protocol to learn how we engage with PACE legislative processes across the U.S., and how we can work together to achieve our goal of establishing PACE in every state and municipality.

PACENation’s Legislative Checklist

We developed a legislative checklist that identifies major components of any PACE bill. Download the checklist to learn what makes a successful PACE law.

Legislative map

This map shows the current status of each state’s legislation. Updated June 2018.

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