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PACE makes it possible for owners of commercial, industrial, multifamily, and nonprofit properties to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy projects, and more.

As an energy services contractor, your business can become certified under a PACE program to offer PACE financing to your customers. To get started, find PACE programs operating in your area by clicking the link to the right.

PACE programs provide certified contractors with resources to help market PACE improvements to their customers. These resources can include marketing materials, online project estimation and analytical tools, and dedicated customer service. For example, the HERO Program in California staffs a full call center to answer customers’ questions and resolve complaints. PACE is not just a source of funding — it’s a tool that can help you grow your business and streamline the financing process for you and your customers.


To learn more about how PACE works, see “What is PACE?”

Benefits of PACE for Energy Services Professionals

  • PACE covers 100% of the hard and soft costs of an energy project so property owners don’t have to put any money down.
  • PACE is not based on personal credit, but rather equity in a property. Without a credit requirement, PACE makes it easier for many customers such as nonprofits and small businesses to obtain financing.
  • PACE allows finance terms up to 25 years while standard commercial lending rarely exceeds 5-7 years.
  • This long-term financing enabled projects with longer paybacks, which means more comprehensive projects with deeper impact on energy usage.
  • Many PACE programs, such as CT’s C-PACE program, offer dedicated training for contractors which can help your employees close more deals with PACE . Other contractor services may include call center support, customized marketing materials such as flyers and factsheets, web portals to use for deal-tracking and financial analysis, tools to pre-qualify customers, and project estimation calculators.
  • Click this link to find and contact a commercial PACE program near you for more information on their contractor resources.

Success stories

PACE funded $1.8m efficiency improvements at San Fran’s 644 Broadway

MI building saves money and energy for the owner and for tenants

CA hotel financed efficiency upgrades with $6.8m PACE financing

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    Through San Francisco’s PACE program, we absolutely realized the power of PACE — the building has become more valuable not only from a financial point of view but from a people’s standpoint. Our vision for the project was to create a creative and cultural mecca, which we’ve done!

    Jeff Lee, Principal, Cypress Properties Group
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    Prologis is participating in the PACE program in order to promote new, innovative solutions for financing sustainable building improvements. It provides the flexibility to drive more energy improvement programs and that’s something everyone should embrace.

    Jack Rizzo, Managing Director, Global Construction and Renewable Energy, Prologis Inc.
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    PACE is the only funding mechanism that is credible in providing verifiable information to our investors, and therefore is the ideal tool for us to move forward in becoming the gold standard in sustainable hotels.

    Make Davis, General Manager, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City

Resources and downloads for contractors

PACE for Commercial Building Owners and Community Leaders: A Primer

Why use PACE? Learn more in our downloadable slides for presenting to commercial real estate companies and community leaders. These slides give a primer on PACE, how it works and why to use it, and the specific benefits of PACE for building owners and communities. Please download the slides that match your needs and share them with your constituents.

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