PACENation’s Leadership Council

The leadership council is a coalition of industry stakeholders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors that help shape PACENation’s goals and advise our board of directors. Leadership Council representation is a benefit of PACENation membership.

Organizations on the Leadership Council

CT Green Bank
LA County
Morgan Lewis
PACE Funding
Petros PACE Finance
Rockwood Group
Spruce Finance
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions
Texas PACE Authority

(These organizations are Leader-level members or above for 2017.)

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Contact us for more information about the Leadership Council:

Why Join PACENation at the Leader Level?

All Leader-level members of PACENation will receive representation on the Leadership Council, and:

Share insights

The Leadership Council is a means for members to share insights on our market, ideas, opinions, and advice with PACENation and our Board of Directors.

Make recommendations

Leadership Council members appoint a representative to committees that meet on regular calls and recommend actions to PACENation and our board on items such as PACENation’s Consumer Protection Policies.

Gain recognition

Organizations and individuals in our Leadership Council will be recognized as industry thought leaders and featured on our website and other materials.

All Leader-level membership benefits:


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